Working for the Weekend

#203 - The Michigan Ross Online MBA: A Chat with Some Pioneering Students

Episode Summary

Last fall, Michigan Ross became the first top-ranked business school to offer a primarily online MBA program. So how’s it working out?

Episode Notes

The Michigan Ross Online MBA Program offers a unique experience in top-ranked business education. Most learning takes place at a distance, through a combination of self-guided modules and live, interactive class sessions. But the program also includes three multi-day residencies, when the student cohort comes together in person for focused, hands-on learning opportunities. 

With the inaugural Online MBA cohort together in Ann Arbor for the first time, regular “Working for the Weekend” host Mawa sat down for dinner and a chat with three members of the first Online MBA class from around the country — Chris, Sam, and Marissa  — as well as Professor Greg Miller, who taught the first online class. They discussed how they’re bonding as a cohort, what the live class sessions are really like, and their in-person experiences in the Leadership Crisis Challenge. Meanwhile, Professor Miller shared his thoughts on the unique opportunities offered by the online format, the caliber of the students, and more. 

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Host: Mawa Mustafa.

Panel: Marissa Bialecki, Chris Li, Sam, and Professor Greg Miller.

Producers: Mawa Mustafa, Suraj Kandukuri, and Bob Needham.

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