Working for the Weekend

#403 - Making the Full-Time/Part-Time MBA Decision

Episode Summary

You know you want to get an MBA — but does a full-time or part-time program make the most sense for you?

Episode Notes

In this special crossover episode of both Michigan Ross podcasts, hosts Suraj (from Working for the Weekend) and Jeff (from Business Beyond Usual) welcome guests Jacob, Jen, and Linda to discuss what they were looking for in an MBA program; the differing structures of the Full-Time, Weekend, and Online programs at Michigan Ross; the recruiting experience in each program; and much more.

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Episode Hosts and Producers: Suraj Kandukuri and Jeff Church.

Guests: Jacob Hatke, Jen Nwuli, Linda Yang.

Editing: Jonah Brockman.

Executive Producers: Suraj Kandukuri and Bob Needham.

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